Qualifications for Becoming a Member

The KPS is an organiztion composed of medical specialists who are qualifed, or in the process of becoming qualified as psychiatrists. The basic elibility requirement is completion of acceptable training and holdinga  valid license to practice medicine or holding an academic, research, or governmental position that does not require licensure. 

The KPS has a dual membership requirement, whereby, KPS members must also have a membership in the American Psychiatrict Association. To view membership categories and dues, please click here

Why Become a Member of KPS?

The Kansas Psychiatric Society is comprised of more than 200 psychiatrists from all areas of the state. Membership in KPS offers a variety of benefits for you, your patients and your practices. 

  • Advocacy on proposed legislation and regulations on confidentiality, mental health insurance parity, and other timely issues.
  • Continuing Medical Education through the annual KPS hosted programs.
  • Opportunity to collaborate with colleagues to address psychiatric issues.
  • E-newsletters
  • Access to KPS staff to express opinions and seek assistance.
  • Benefits of membership in APA.

Transferring Membership to and From KPS

Each state or jurisdictional area is known as a district brance of the APA. When a member of a district branch (such as Kansas) moves his or her practice or residence from one district to another, it is necessary that the member transfer membership to the new district branch. Retired members are no required to transfer district brance membership if they move. 

Training Dates

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